Hey, It’s Hard To Beat the Chicken

  • Miami 118 Memphis 85
  • Chicago 118 Utah 100
  • Denver 131 Detroit 101
  • New Orleans 115 Sacramento 103

The Loathsome Foursome goes 0-4 against the spread.

I said I needed a little more convincing.

Then again, I’m encouraged, precisely because I passed–the spreads were tempting, but the games weren’t. Miami has a habit of crushing all comers except the very top of the league. The only recent Heat departure from that pattern was a home loss to Portland this week, but then the Blazers are particularly strong where Miami isn’t (hint: rhymes with “center”). Chicago’s steady pulling away from the Jazz isn’t surprising either–it’s a strong defensive team at home against a unit that has lost a premier point guard and its identity to boot. I already wrote that Denver might run all over Detroit, and Sacramento–well, the Kings nearly covered, until Chris Paul remembered he was Chris Paul in the fourth quarter.

Getting a lot of points for a road dog is still attractive, but the matchups and schedules matter. I still need teams looking to coast and rest on the other end, not rising squads with fresh legs looking to build their reputations (see Denver, Chicago, and yes, even Miami tonight). And yet the spreads were too high to give the points and go with Saturday’s bullies. I might have been gunshy on that front with a 2-7 record betting on the high side of blowouts, but I’d rather be that than stubborn.

When I find a bettable game, you’ll know.


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