Notes to Self

Apparently, it will never stop raining.

Denver looks serious. Another spread-obliterating road shellacking of a good team. They’re now 8-2 post-Melo, and because they go 11-deep (including two young, quick, capable point guards), it just may be they have no off switch. One to watch for wagering.

I’m 1-1 for the evening as I write, with Phoenix hanging in there as the fourth quarter begins. Pleased to be right about New Jersey, and don’t know if I learned anything from San Antonio deciding it couldn’t win, oh, sometime around the six-minute mark of the third quarter, then feeding the ball to George Hill as if the trip to Miami were nothing more than a lab experiment. The 54-13 Spurs have earned that luxury, I guess. But it’s still exasperating to see a premier team rolling over a week after stomping the stomper. Not a headscratcher, but one to remember in future wagers. I should have stayed away from Very Good versus Even Better. I plead Vegas–I couldn’t resist the points.

Meanwhile, an object lesson in rest and concentration in the NBA, from the also-ran division: Golden State hits 21 of 35 from three-point land against Orlando at home, rests a day, then stops Kevin Love’s double-double diaspora for a resounding win, and 24 hours later takes what may be the shortest, easiest road trip in the NBA today, up to Sacramento for the accomodating Kings. The Warriors open with a trey, then surrender a 19-0 run (which has to be the Kings’ best sequence of the season), and now find themselves down 26 early in the second quarter.

Phoenix loses in the last moments, but covers. A mildly profitable 2-1 night. I’m 5-2 in the last three wagering sessions. Still underwater, but rising.

I mean me. Not the water.

Then again, it won’t stop raining.


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