Mile High Mismatch

Friday’s early lines are up, and I’m jumping before they do:

  • $110 to win $100 on Denver giving 15 to visiting Washington.

All the thoughts are self-evident, but for the record: Denver goes 10 deep even with Afflalo out, which means they don’t have an off switch. Washington has nothing to play for, doesn’t defend, and faces another road game on their march to 1-40 away from home, this time at altitude. And then there’s the fact that the game lands on a Friday night, and the Colorado-wide realization that Denver has Oklahoma City in its sights for fourth place and home court advantage in the first round against none other than the Thunder. So the wager is on Karl over torpor, the open secret of Denver’s suddenly strong defense versus The John Wall Turnover Machine, and Denver running roughshod over the Bullets.

Temptations passed include Thursday night’s New Orleans-Utah tussle, with the Jazz getting 4.5 at home. This looks like Utah’s line in the sand if they want to make the playoffs; I expect a galvanized crowd, scrappy play and a cover from the desperate Jazz. For Friday, I’m still considering the Clippers over the Lakers with the 9.5 they’re getting in the season’s last battle for Los Angeles. For the underdogs, the game is a showcase; for the champs, it’s nothing much. But I’m waiting for the lines to move overnight before making a decision.

And it’s worth noting that with the miscall of the Heat-Detroit game, my breathtakingly bad record in games that tempt but don’t attract wagers has sunk to 7-29-2. Yipes.

Go Nuggets.


2 thoughts on “Mile High Mismatch

  1. You, Sir, are God! And Id say that because I only believed God could direct me right back into my gambling addiction of 12 years. I had been free of it for about 5 years.. and thanks to a 12 streak run and your supported analyses, I am right back in it… Thanks.. I guess.

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