Sundays with Monta

I can’t stay away. The wager for Sunday:

  • $220 to win $200 on Golden State at home giving 10.5 to Washington

It’s my third bet in what I hope will be an unbeaten string of five. It’s also an attempt to win my 13th in a row. Which, of course, is absurd.

Should I look back ruefully at this pick on Sunday evening, I’ll remember that it was the next-to-last stop on a horrid West Coast swing for what may go down as the worst road squad in NBA history. And I’ll note that Golden State is spirited at home and dangerous against all but the top five teams in the league at Oracle, and its coach seemed committed to an 8-main rotation even as the season wanes. John Wall may have a good game, and so may Nick Young, but on paper and in recent days, at every position on the floor, Golden State looks better. So I’m looking for a feel-good weekend cover by the hosts.

Go Warriors.


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