Trouble in Mind

I wouldn’t say I’m itching to bet Washington getting 12 in Utah tonight; the Bullets are playing a second game in two nights, this time at altitude against a rested team that may still be motivated to grab a win for its interim coach. And of course the Bullets remain the Bullets.

But I’m tempted. Washington’s guards shot poorly on Sunday against the quick, assured Warriors tandem of Curry and Ellis; it’s likely that Wall and Crawford won’t have the same problems with depleted Utah’s antique backcourt of Bell and Watson, and it’s fair to say the Jazz shouldn’t give a dozen points to anyone. Not when they’ve lost 25 of their last 34.

And then there’s this: the moneyline pays $700 for every $100 wagered on a Bullets road victory tonight. I know the closing four words of that last sentence have only described one other Washington game this season, but an upset by a dreadful team over a bad one isn’t much of a stunner in the NBA.

A mere $50 pays $350 for a minor miracle. Half that pays $175.

Madness, win or lose.

No, no, no.

But dammit.

With mild reluctance, I’m sticking to the plan and waiting for a better opportunity. I’m not even going off the reservation for an NCAA recommendation by Austin L., who Knows Things, and believes wagering one’s soul on the under (currently 133 combined points) in the upcoming VCU-Butler Final Four conflagration is sound investing.

Maybe. But I’ll pass the time instead with no hypothetical money down, and guess Charlotte, Washington, Orlando, Boston and Philly cover tonight.


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