When Stars Align

Tomorrow’s early lines are out, and I’m jumping in with a wager:

  • $110 to win $100 on the Los Angeles Lakers at home giving 6 to the Dallas Mavericks

Because the Lakers will exert themselves to stave off the Mavs’ attempt to steal home court advantage in the second round of the playoffs.

Because Los Angeles (and more to the point, Kobe) will have three days rest after a walkover against hobbled New Orleans, while aging Dallas plays a second game in two nights.

Because Nowitzki isn’t all the way back, and Bynum destroyed Chandler two weeks ago.

And most of all, because this is the kind of showcase the bored defending champions break a sweat for. I think it’s a 15-point beatdown along the lines of L.A.’s road demolition of a healthy San Antonio a few weeks back.

With a loss, I’ll be down to my last campaign for five consecutive successful wagers. With a win, I’ll have two 2-0 drives still in play.

Go Lakers.


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