• Sacramento 106 Utah 97
  • Houston 114 Atlanta 109

The Kings cover. The Rockets miss a push by a point.

My three doubling campaigns are 8-2 collectively, netting a mere $19 per wager, $5 less per pick than what I cleared when betting $100 almost every time out.

Oh, but the exponents…had one more Rockets shot found its way through the rim, that $19 average would have jumped to $103, and my profits would be double what they are now.

I had fun with the attempts, but I’m done with doubling, simply because I don’t want to risk more than half my current return on my next wager, which is what I’d have to do with a final campaign that now stands at 3-0 and $400.

I can get out of this season up at least 60% and 10 games over .500, so those are the baselines going forward. I’m currently 24-12, having won 21 of my last 25, with $815 in profit.

That means I have $215 to play with, and 2 losses to give in the final week of the NBA regular season. There are no games tonight, and if one doesn’t tempt in the next few days, I’ll write a wrap-up of what I learned (or what I thought I learned), enjoy the spring and summer, and return to the NFL and NBA when those leagues’ millionaires and billionaires work out their differences.

Waiting for the next set of lines…


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