Broken. Tenacious.

Utah is rudderless and dreadful. Their backcourt has been abandoned and demolished by injury, and there’s no indication their coach can coach. They’ve lost eight in a row. Deservedly.

But the eyes don’t lie; the Jazz never quit. All appearances suggest the players believe in Ty Corbin, whom management has already signed to a long-term deal. There isn’t a team in the NBA that wouldn’t want Jefferson and Millsap, nor a franchise that doesn’t look at the fight in Utah’s shorthanded crew and wonder if their team would react the same way if the chips were down.

So tonight’s bet is

  • $110 to win $100 on the Jazz on the road getting 14 from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Because the Lakers coast against teams that can’t hurt them. Because they know they have a tougher game in Oakland tomorrow night. Because Gasol and Bynum are banged up and likely won’t play their usual 36 minutes, if they play at all.

Because the Laker bench won’t shine in garbage time, and Utah will go down swinging.

Go Jazz.


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