Dark Horses

  • Utah 86 Los Angeles Lakers 85

The losing streak ends at one, and everything I wrote yesterday came to pass save a Utah defeat.

I’ll say it again: the prose makes me happier than the win. Which explains why I’m writing rather than actually wagering.

I’m now 14-1 when taking points, and my dogs aren’t dogs–they’re dark horses, having sprung 7 upsets in 15 attempts.

While watching last night’s comfortable wager, I was tempted to jump on a couple of early Wednesday lines: Sacramento getting 12.5 at San Antonio, and the Golden State Warriors, at home, getting 7.5 versus the laconic Lakers. All four teams played Tuesday, so the draws were young legs against old, and superior squads conserving energy.

This morning, unfortunately, those lines have dropped two points each, and now the only temptations are Washington getting a preposterous 11.5 points at Indiana, and a rested New Orleans giving 2.5 at home to Houston.

I can’t see risking $150 on Washington playing well for a fourth consecutive game, particularly in a back-to-back after a flight to the Midwest, and especially because Andray Blatche is involved.

And while I suspect that New Orleans will win easily, there’s no way of knowing whether Houston is desperate or dispirited after last night’s Sacto debacle. The risk of the former could make 2.5 a good line, and the wager a coinflip.

So no bets tonight, and perhaps none for tomorrow’s two-game NBA slate, unless one of the Thursday’s early lines makes no sense. All I know is that next time I see an early line that doesn’t make sense, I won’t hesitate.


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