Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

I don’t get it.

I don’t.

Here’s Sunday’s wager:

  • $275 to win $250 on Chicago on the road giving 2.5 to Orlando

Categorically speaking, it’s a foolish bet. I’m going against a rested 50-win home dog in a marquee game. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

It gets worse: I’m backing a squad that doesn’t have much to play for. The Bulls might be chasing San Antonio for the top seed in all the playoffs, but it’s worth noting they already have home court against everyone in the East, plus everyone in the West save the Spurs, who aren’t a lock to reach to the finals.

Plus I’m 0-2 and down a chilling $715 when betting north of the $200 mark.

Yes, but two Yes Buts override those concerns:

Howard is out.

Rose isn’t.

The Bulls have the best defense in basketball, the Howard-free Magic have no answer for Rose and likely very poor answers for Noah, Boozer and Deng. The possibility of Richardson and Turkgolu raining threes is remote when Thibodeau knows they’ll be hoisting them, and I believe the Bulls brass when it says Sunday’s contest will be business as usual; Chicago’s intended starting five has played only 25 games together in an injury-plagued season,  and this is their likely second-round opponent. They need the run, they’re a young squad that’s equal parts excited and confident about what they’re doing, and I’m guessing they won’t play possum on national television.

So I see a beatdown of a home team 79 games into a season of disarray. Frankly, I can’t believe this line isn’t higher.

It would be nice to win one of these bigger bets for a change, and pull away from the $2000 mark for the first time. Maybe I’m pressing my luck. Or maybe Howard is out, Rose isn’t, and I’m due.

Go Bulls.


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