• Detroit 110 Milwaukee 100
  • Dallas 107 L.A. Clippers 96

Detroit delivers an easy win, and the Clips a painful loss, blowing a 26-point first quarter wagering margin in the last minute.

Though L.A. snapped my 11-game winning streak of picking winners when giving the points, the good news is I’m still on a 20-3 run overall, with the losses all coming by 1 point or less.

The bad news is that though I’ve gone a respectable 4-2 picking games these past six days, I’ve also managed to lose a grand total of $10 in the process. The last four sessions put me down $240, up $100, up $150, and down $20.

It’s gratifying to pick winners, but the way to keep score is in dollars. And the fact is, I’ve never gotten a big payoff in the NBA.

Though there’s no correlation between the size of the bet and what’s going to happen in the game, the costliest stat I’ve compiled is this: I’m 3-4 when wagering $200 or more, and have lost a cumulative $555 on those picks. Four of those came in the last six bets, including last night’s wrencher, when the Mavs hit a meaningless shot and the Clips failed to respond three times in the closing moments, swinging my Friday session from what looked like a $400 gain to a $20 loss.

I know it’s all hypothetical, but honestly, I’m wiped.

So no, I don’t know what to make of tonight’s five-game slate. Atlanta is giving 2.5 on the road to a Washington, but both played last night, Josh Smith is out, and neither team has anything at stake.

Milwaukee shouldn’t be giving 8.5 points to anyone at the moment, except, well, they just might cover against bad, bad Cleveland, who’s also on the second night of a back-to-back.

The other lines are inscrutable. Either that, or I just don’t want to give or take 13.5 points when Denver’s flying home after a beatdown, and Minnesota is involved.

Ugh. Until next time.


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