Sound, Fury, etc.

Every team in the league is playing tonight.

A grand total of three might be motivated to win.


The Grizzlies plan to tank against the Clippers, thereby locking up a playoff date with the Spurs. Which means the New Orleans-Dallas scuffle is irrelevant to the Hornets, who will finish seventh regardless of the outcome. Which leaves Dallas in a quandary, because it plays at the same time as Oklahoma City (squaring off against hapless Milwaukee), to whom it loses in a tiebreaker should Dallas lose and Oklahoma City win. And of course, the other problem there is that the Bynum-impaired Lakers play after the Mavs and Thunder, in what should be a loud, conflicted Arco Arena.

So while sixth, seventh, and eighth seem sorted out in the West, second, third and fourth aren’t, and likely won’t be until the Lakers show their hand several minutes into the regular season’s last game.

That’s it. I’m done wagering on NBA 2010-2011.

Just for fun:

  • New Jersey +14 over Chicago (the Bulls will win, but not by that much)
  • L.A. Clippers -6 over Memphis (Grizzlies tank, Griffin dunks)

and these were tempting too:

  • Milwaukee +11 over Oklahoma City (see: Bulls)
  • Sacramento +4.5 over the L.A. Lakers (the Kings’ last hurrah)

And I’m down to pouring through the numbers, looking for revelations.

Back when I have any.


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