Things you should know:

This entire blog is a hypothetical exercise. It’s an open book of bets I could make at the time I’m posting, in an attempt to grow a hypothetical starting stake (beginning February 2011, with $500).*

I’m interested in writing about prognostication, and what happens to theories applied in real wagering situations. So I’m treating the stake as if it were real (it isn’t) and taking the bets seriously (though I’m not making them in reality).

This means that when I announce a bet, I’m doing so using the odds that are available when I post.

I fuss over phrasing, and I’m learning about layouts; from time to time, I may return to old posts and edit for purposes of clarity only. However, please know that

no bet, once posted, will ever change.

Not the spread, not the amount wagered, not the vig.

There’s no point–nor any fun–in cheating. So I won’t. When I post, I’m sticking to my claims. Every statement. Every wager. Every win, push and loss.

Thanks for looking in.




*I had to replenish my original stake of $500 as a result of early losses–my adjusted starting stake for this blog is now $1000. The initial losses and wagers have stayed on the books, so at the time of readjusting, I went from $50 left on $500 initially to $550 remaining on a reupped starting stake of $1000.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi there!
    What an amazing place —
    the poetry of prognostication — I love it 🙂

    says Sorella, fresh from the Cancer Hospital :-0

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