So now New Orleans can’t hold a 15-point halftime lead at home versus an inferior opponent, and I’ve lost 90% of my original $500 stake in five bets, going 1-4.

It’s not enough of a sample to know anything, but it seems as though I’ve developed an uncanny early knack for picking the one game among a recent handful in which the good teams I’ve targeted have failed to cover the spread. The lone game in the last six that incandescent Dallas dawdled and failed to cover, I bet. The one game woeful Toronto covered in the past six, I bet the other way. So there’s an argument for bad luck rearing its head, but then again, that line of thinking seems like whining to me. What’s at the front of my mind is that the ideas I thought might translate from the NFL aren’t working in in the NBA.

I’m adding another $500 to the till out of necessity; my adjusted stake now stands at $550, which means I’m now down $450 from a starting stake of $1000.

I’m not gunshy about betting, but I’m also not wagering to wager. It’s an imagined exercise to learn. I have to think about about what’s luck and what’s error, and come back with another bet.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe later. We’ll see.