One Down, Four To Go

  • Indiana 111 Charlotte 88
  • Oklahoma City 106 Utah 94

Both teams cover. I’ve won 11 in a row.

Since I’m now chasing exponential returns, I see this as going 1-0 twice, on the way to 5-0 each time, for a return of $31 for every dollar wagered (fingers crossed). In this case, the next bet in the sequence doubles to $100, and I’m still alive in my first two pursuits of the powers of two.

And this time around, I have to be perfect to get any benefit from doubling. That means no more hedging, no more three-pick sessions–it’s all about the best bet of the night. The one that has to come in.

Otherwise, a rising tide lifts all boats; thanks to this recent run, my record when giving points now stands at 6-7, and I’m 11-1 when taking points (with the only loss being San Antonio surrendering in Miami). The dozen teams picked to lose by the oddsmakers actually won half the games outright, so I guess I have an eye for dark horses. My current 11-0 run comes courtesy of four favorites and seven underdogs; all I can say is, I’m looking for lines that don’t make sense, given the matchups, motivations, health, rest, and schedules. And I guess I should add that I’m now comfortable taking either side of the bet–something I never anticipated doing.

Beyond that, the sample is still only 28 games. Which means I’m just a stranger in paradise, taking notes as fast as I can.

It’s a light slate tomorrow, so I don’t anticipate any wagers. Maybe Friday. We’ll see.