Once More into the Breach

Wager Number Six is $110 to win $100 on Boston, giving 4.5 at Utah tonight.

I’m not drawn to the storytelling aspect of this game (Boston needing to regroup after the franchise traded a popular player, Kendrick Perkins). I’m more interested in the fact that Utah downgraded at both point guard and coach in the past two weeks, and has gone 5-15 of late because teams have figured out the weaknesses of the Jazz front line, and have managed to cut off the attack at the head as a result. Rondo should outclass Devin Harris, and Utah doesn’t defend well in the post anymore.┬áIt’s a very good team against a squad that looks like it’s in the midst of a playoffs-killing tailspin. The Celts should win by at least five.

Or so it says here.

The temptations passed at lunchtime today included Phoenix giving 2.5 on the road in New Jersey, and Atlanta getting 6 on the road in Denver. The Suns might win, but then again, Steve Nash can’t guard Deron Williams, and this is Williams’ first home game with his new team. And Atlanta’s front court should control Denver’s. The problem here is Atlanta’s inconsistency, which tends to make them a cypher on the road.

Go Celtics.