Hooked on a Feeling

Detroit covers against the Spurs, and the Clippers grab a win in Boston Garden.

A 2-0 night for me, and a near double-up of my stake. I’m simply woeful at $645, rather than fathomlessly awful at $345.

Everything is relative and some things are new, so I’m pleased with a one-night reversal of fortune. San Antonio broke out to a fat first-quarter lead, then coasted the rest of the way. After opening the game with blistering 30-for-39 shooting, they closed by hitting only 15 of their last 31, and let the Pistons fuss and fiddle with a final margin that in no way indicated the real difference between the two teams. Meanwhile, Boston was upset, so there was no last-minute nervousness about the spread on this end. Having a cushion with ample time on the clock is something I haven’t experienced since the end of the NFL regular season. Hope that feeling comes around again.

Don’t see any temptations among the NBA’s three games tomorrow night, so I’ll wait to see the lines in days to come. But just for fun, I like Phoenix giving 3.5 at home to Denver, and the Knicks getting 6.5 in Dallas.

In the meantime, you’ll know what’s at stake when I do.


Let’s Go the Other Way

Two bets tonight:

  • $165 to win $150 on the L.A. Clippers getting 9.5 in Boston Garden
  • $165 to win $150 on Detroit getting 11.5 in San Antonio

If neither pays off, I will have lost all but a few dollars of a mythical $1000 stake in a mere 13 egregiously bad bets.

Tonight, at least, I’m going the other way on my own initial approach. Boston and San Antonio are vastly better teams, and they’re at home. They’re also old, and since they won’t be threatened, I’m wagering they’ll coast in an effort to conserve energy.

If I’m wrong on both counts tonight, well, I’m either misreading patterns, or I’ve just got horrid timing. Here’s hoping I’m learning…

…in the past three weeks, San Antonio beat Miami by 30 after rolling up a shocking 36-12 first quarter on Lebron and Company, just a few days removed from dawdling their way past abysmal Cleveland and rebuilding New Jersey by only 10 apiece.

And the Celtics eviscerated the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, then barely held them off in the Boston Garden a few days later.

And Charlotte–a team in free fall–lost to Denver by 40, then covered a 12-point spread at the Staples Center against the Lakers, then flew to Portland to get bludgeoned by 24. Meanwhile, those same Lakers yawned through an 8-point win against Charlotte at home, then hit the road against a Spurs squad on a 22-game win streak in their own building, opened with a 34-13 run, and demolished San Antonio as a 3-point underdog.

So it looks to me like the top teams are so much better than the worst teams that they barely bother to show. And I’ve been waiting a few days for spreads this large to take advantage.

Let’s see if I do.

Never thought I’d say this, but go Pistons and Clips.