Haruspication, Sortilege and Guessing

Three wagers for a rainy Friday evening:

  • $105 to win $100 on Oklahoma City at home giving 10 to Charlotte
  • $105 to win $100 on Denver on the road getting 6.5 from Orlando
  • $110 to win $100 on Minnesota on the road getting 14.5 from the Lakers

Yes, it’s back to Wednesday night’s darlings, though not emphatically. My love for the depth, verve and defense of the Nuggets and Thunder hasn’t changed, but the opponents have. Denver has no answer for Dwight Howard, so call that one a vote for the points. And while I like Oklahoma City’s chances for a homecoming blowout in front of what should be an ecstatic weekend crowd, I also have an abiding fear of Stephen Jackson, a terrifying streak shooter in both senses of that term. Here’s hoping his slump continues for one more night.

That, plus I’m expecting the Lakers to coast at home against an opponent that can’t hurt them at four positions. So I’m wagering on rest for Kobe and a cover for the Timberwolves.

Brave talk; a 50/50 mix of basketball and hunch. I’m making the hypothetical bets, but I spent long enough staring at them that the line dropped on the Denver game from 6.5 to 6. Don’t know if I’d have made the wager at the lower number, but I settled on the higher one and treated it like I always do: once I decide, it’s as if I’d placed the bet.

The downpour, the Denver line shifting, my sudden need for the Timberwolves to have a smidgeon of resolve–I don’t know.

I’m already uneasy.

Could an 0-3 night be looming?