It’s Up To You, San Antonio

Wager Number Two, on Friday night:

$110 to win $100 on San Antonio giving 11.5 at home against New Jersey

On a rainy downtown Berkeley afternoon, I jumped on the first odds posted; I think the spread will increase as the game approaches.

I was tempted to stay in Florida for a second bet, with Miami giving 14.5 to hope/hap/helpless Washington, but the Heat will be coming off what ought to be a tough game against the Bulls tonight, and Wizards garbage time might be too plentiful to save the spread.

So I’m going with the Spurs to roll over a rejiggered Nets squad that hasn’t played since February 16, brand new Nyet Deron Williams, Beyonce’s significant other and tall, suspicious Russian billionaires notwithstanding. Plenty of teams stumbled out of the gate in their first game back since the All Star break; here’s hoping New Jersey joins the crowd.

I’d say more, but I only have a day to paint my living room silver and black.