Now is the Winter of Our Disconnect

Dallas leads for the last 44 minutes of the game, but either can’t or won’t step on Washington’s neck at the Verizon Center. The margin vacillated between 2 and 11 in the Mavericks’ favor from the fourth minute onward. A non-blowout that was never really in doubt. It’s an NBA reality in search of a term.

Toying. Taunting. Waltzing. Yawning.

I’ll mull that one; in the meantime, I’m 1-3 and down to $105. You can see the short, ¬†sad path to the brink¬†here.

Wager Number Five is $55 to win $50 on New Orleans at home tomorrow, giving 6 to Houston, according to Yahoo on an abnormally cold Saturday evening in the East Bay.

If I don’t win this one, I’ll have to bring in another hypothetical $500 to keep going, and put myself at $550, down from a starting stake of $1000.

If I do win, it’s still a long climb back. I’ll have alter my approach on the fly, focusing on winners regardless of their blowout potential, with a willingness to take points as well as give them.

Maybe it’s not dominant teams versus weak ones. Maybe it’s teams in the middle of the pack (like Phoenix and tomorrow’s hope, New Orleans), ones that can’t toy/taunt/waltz/yawn their way past bad teams, even when they’re at home against the bottom of the league.

Maybe it will depend on the day.

I don’t know. If I’m learning, it’s the hard way, and the lessons aren’t evident yet.

Go Hornets.